Life after partnership

Many lawyers in their 40s face a difficult predicament.


As partners, they are typically earning well. But between the demands of meeting fee targets, managing and inspiring people, long hours, taking risks and bringing in new business, their responsibilities are unrelenting. Against a backdrop of fierce competition, firms are being forced to take on more work for less money. For lawyers who are not passionate about what they do, the job can be even more stressful.


Many lawyers love their jobs. But many others want to break free and crave more fulfilment. One 40-something lawyer we recently saw at CareerBalance sat down and said: “If I don’t stop, it will kill me”.


Some lawyers have never been particularly happy in the profession and now feel imprisoned and isolated within it. They’re also reluctant to share their feelings with colleagues.


While an in-house role or a job in the public sector would offer less pressure, the financial fallout may offset the benefits.


Experienced lawyers have built up expertise which they need to hold onto. They’re not trapped; they just need to explore the opportunities open to them.


At CareerBalance, we act as an objective sounding board. We help many clients in their 40s who are earning well, to think through their options thoroughly before leaving the law. We also open their eyes to alternative careers as they approach retirement from the firm. 


As a result, some have made big changes, including opening up their own consultancies. One lawyer is successfully running a virtual law firm, taking on work on a project basis, while another has established a charity to promote the work of new artists whilst raising funds for needy causes. Others have gone in-house, and one has become the dean of a law school. Some of our mature lawyer clients are now pursuing non-executive directorships or roles in not-for-profit or educational bodies.


With a thorough understanding of your transferable skills and the wider job market, CareerBalance can show you what options are available to you and give you the confidence and practical help to make that important career move.


If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your options in 2011, please contact Simon Broomer LLB in confidence on 020 3051 1054 or at Simon is a qualified solicitor who now specialises in career counselling and career planning for lawyers.




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