Here are some links to divert your attention (aka support our OUT OF LAW ex-lawyers who have set up or run all of the companies below)


Want to meet some new people?

Want to buy some unusual products for the professions?

Want to start or add to an art collection?

Want to go to a fun bar?

Need some new clothes?

Want to buy some lovely jewellery?

Want to learn to cook?

Need the number of a cab firm?

Chocolate craving?

Want to learn about wine?

Want a good ski guide?

Need a new handbag?

Need some tights?

Want some stylish shoes?

Want to know where you can buy a healthy breakfast?

Need a new kitchen?

Looking for a property to renovate?


Other websites to divert your attention


www.i-resign.com/uk/financialcentre/meanstest_calculator.asp - find out how much you need to earn

www.i-resign.com/uk/financialcentre/tax_calculator.asp - salary calculator

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